Waterloo Restaurant


Tiny grilled cheese!

Last night, Steve and I went with a friend to Waterloo Restaurant in Louisville. It’s a fun little place, right on Main Street and just down the way from one of our favorite breakfast places, Huckleberry.

It’s a pretty laid back atmosphere in Waterloo, a bar in front and additional seating on the back patio, which is where we were.  The patio would be especially fun in the summer when it’s warmer, and they have concerts too!  Summer’s just around the corner, right? What’s really cool is all the pictures and records of famous artists. Johnny Cash, The Beatles, and my personal favorite pictures was of Miles Davis.


We had the same picture hanging in our living room growing up. I’m still not sure how my Dad convinced my Mom to hang that, but it’s probably the same reason they now have a red stag head hanging in their tv room now. A mystery.

My food was tasty at Waterloo. I got the tomato basil soup, because I love soup, especially tomato. I don’t know why I thought it wouldn’t have cream in it, but it did. Usually, I’m not a huge fan of cream soups, but I enjoyed this one. Someone had a light hand with the cream and it didn’t over power the basil or tomatoes. It also came with a tiny grilled cheese, which I thought was great. You must have bread when eating soup for dipping purposes.


I had the harvest salad for dinner, which I also enjoyed. Of course I did. Very rarely do I not enjoy a salad.  This salad had almond slices, dried cranberries, Gorgonzola cheese, apple chucks and a warm maple dressing. I added avocado, because everyone knows avocado improves everything it’s put on. I really liked the crunchy/chewy aspect of the salad. My best bites were a leaf of spinach an almond sliced, a cranberry and some cheese.


New scarf!

I wore my new scarf to dinner that my coworker’s wife made for me.  It’s HUGE, soft, comfy and it has pockets on the end.  Perfect for putting cold hands into while waiting for the bus.  No, I don’t own any gloves, silly.  That’d be too easy!


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