Infused Water: Cucumber/Mint & Strawberry/Mint


The warm weather is finally here!  I think we can safely say that there will be no more snow this season.  If one of those freak June snow storms happen, I’m going to blow my lid though.  Give me flip flops, tank tops and happy hour on the patio.  The snow was really interfering with my gin and tonic drinking and pool side lounging.  When I’m not drinking G&Ts, I’m trying really hard to drink enough water.  I don’t know who said that eight cups of water a day was the magical number, but I find it nearly impossible to drink that much water in one day.  Also, the employee restrooms at work are all the way across the building from my office, and I’m not making 7 trips a day over there.



These delightful infused waters make it easier for me to drink more water though.  I’m not really down with the flavored waters filled with sugar, so I made my own this weekend.  The first one, picture above and below was strawberry mint.


1/2 cup strawberries, small dice

10 ish mint leaves

3-4 cups water

Method: Combine all the ingredients in the vessel of your choice.  Refridgerate over night or for several hours.




The second infusion I made was cucumber mint.


1/4 medium cucumber, thinly sliced.

10 ish mint leaves

3-4 cups water

Method:  Combine all ingredients in the vessel of your choice and refrigerate over night or for several hours.




I’d think of these as more of “guidelines” not real recipes.  Like more mint?  Add more!  Don’t like strawberries?  Use a different fruit!  The possibilities are endless.  I definitely drank more water the days I brought these waters with me to work.  The mint adds a super  refreshing taste to the water and the cucumber gives it just a hint cool, mellow flavor.  The strawberries give the water a slightly sweet taste, without all the weird additives in some waters.  Up your water game as the hot seasons approaches and make some fancy, infused water!

Happy Hydrating!  It’s almost Friday people!


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