Welcome!  I’m Sarah.  If I’m not eating food, I’m probably thinking about it.  I’ll probably ask you what you want for lunch while we’re eating breakfast.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi!

    I read that you graduated from CU Boulder, and wanted to let you know that I did too! : ) My major was MCDB, with a minor in French. What year did you graduate? I saw that you have a degree in Literature- very cool, and very hard! Where do you work now?

    • Hi! I graduated in 2005 and now I work for Whole Foods. I am currently making a career change and going to culinary school in the fall. I’m hoping to combine my two degree and be a food writer! Thanks for checking out my blog!

      • Hello! Seems like we have some stuff in common… because I will be going back to school as well! I just graduated in 2010, and will be moving out this August to New Brunswick, NJ for a PhD program in Nutritional Biochemistry. I love food (more specifically the vitamins in food) and want to help advance cancer research… so I will be studying how vitamins work against cancer. I think your desire to be a food writer sounds cooler though. Best of luck! By the way, I shop at the Whole Foods in Boulder a lot, so maybe I will run into you sometime!

        Where do you plan on going to culinary school? Johnson and Wales in Denver?

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