Culinary School

For the next year, I’ll be getting up with the sun to go to culinary school at Johnson and Wales.  Check back here for posts on how I will overcome my nerves, ironing a chef’s coat and how coffee and I are about to become BFFs!  The adventure is finally beginning!

Applying to school:

Back to School

Applying for School

Accepted at JWU

First Trimester :

First Day of School

Skills of Meatcutting

Meatcutting Practical

I Belong in Culinary School

Food Service Production

Six Lessons From Culinary School

Nutrition and Sensory Analysis

Second Trimester:

Lessons of Culinary School, Part 2

Essentials of Dining Room: not too many posts about this class, mainly because I despised it so much.  I studied for the final…

Intro to Baking and Pastry: click on the baking tag.

Stocks, Soups and Sauces: click on the Stocks class tag.

Lessons from Culinary School, as told through Stocks class.

Traditional European: Click on the Traditional Euro tag.

School Uniform

Full uniform


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