A collection of my favorite restaurants in Boulder that I’ve eaten at over the years.  It’s a work in progress.  Check back regularly!

Black Cat Farm and Bistro:  This is our “special occasion” place, mainly because we spend a pile of money every time we go here.  Do the tasting menu with the wine pairing if at all possible.  It is truly unlike any other experience I have had eating, and you get to taste a little of everything on the menu.

Ahi:  Sort of a Latin/Mexican type place.  Get the scallop ceviche; it’s out of this world.  Also, they serve banana bread for a starter, which is odd, but so, so delicious.

Pizzaria Locale:  Probably in my Top Five restaurants in Boulder.  The corn pizza is my favorite thing there.  I know it sounds super weird, but I promise you it’ll be one of the best things you ever ate.  The creme creme fraiche makes it.  Also, the carbonara pizza is incredible.  They crack whole eggs on it!

Southern/Mountain Sun:  My personal favorite brewery in Boulder.  The blackberry wheat is normally what I get, but for those with more adventurous beer palates, (read: like hoppy beer) the selection will keep you trying new brews for a while.  The food is great, especially their nachos.  Also, check out Stout Month in February!

The Kitchen Next Door:  Tomato soup.  Eat the tomato soup and the chickpea and hummus starter.

Centro: My sister and I get the pork and lobster nachos every time we go here.  A close second to Southern Sun’s nachos.  They have happy hour ALL DAY on Monday, what better way to start the week that with a cuba libre?

Salt:  The drink menu here is incredible.  You can create your own drink based on flavors and alcohols you like.  The food is locally sourced and is outstanding.

Japango:  Our favorite sushi place!  Tuesday is all you can eat sushi night, but don’t leave any behind; they’ll charge you for it!  The Philly Roll with cream cheese is a standard order for us.  Try the Eel roll and the seaweed salad.

Tangerine:  Another local heavy menu.  The eggs are organic and free range!  Try a mimosa while you’re there too.  Make sure to get here early though as it fill up quick on the weekends.

Southside/Walnut Cafe:  An old stand-by for us.  The tempeh scramble is one of my favorites.  They mix together tempeh, breakfast potatoes, cheddar cheese and a whole mess of veggies.  The blueberry cornbread is also one of my favorites.  If you need a jump start, try Steve’s favorite, Dana D’s vanilla blast off.  It’ll keep you going for hours.

Huckleberry (Louisville): The tea menu here is awesome!  Lady Grey is my favorite tea, with a touch of honey and a biscuit with jam.  Look for the bright purple building on Main Street.  You can’t miss is!

The Buff:  Extra large would be the motto here.  You want a chai?  It’ll come in a pint glass.  Orange juice?  Also in a large glass.  No one’s complaining though.  I’m partial to the Atlantic Omelet, that has smoked salmon in it.  I also love the Fiber n’ Fruit pancakes because it comes with a whole mess of fruit.

Pasta Jays: Steve and I had our first date here, so it’s a little sentimental to us.  When you get the salad, definitely add the gorgonzola cheese.  Their dressing has so much garlic it’s spicy!  Yes!  The baked rigatoni is a dish I order pretty frequently.  Also, if you’re there on Sunday, get the special.  It’s little pieces of beef stuffed with portabella mushrooms, cheese, basil and garlic.


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