The Journey to Five Miles

August 2010

August 2012

October 2012

October 2012

November 2012

November 2012


December 2012.  The first mile back.

December 2012. The first mile back.

A little further.

A little further.

March 2103.  First 5k.

March 2103. First 5k.

 May 2013.  Memorial Day 5k.

May 2013. Memorial Day 5k.


June 2013



10 months and six days (last Sunday) after a freak accident with glass and a partial ruptured left Achille’s tendon, I ran 5 miles.  I was so happy while I was running I waved at every person I passed.

I’ve missed you, running.  Welcome back to my life.








Mom’s Special Day

One time, I decided to do something insane and run 26.2 miles with my mom.  You kind of have to be insane, or at least have something slightly wrong with you, to want to run a marathon. I don’t know how well anyone’s first marathon goes, but I wouldn’t say that mine was awesome, or that I felt spectacular at the end.  Quite the contrary.  It’s totally true that the race starts at mile 20, when you’ve gone further than you’ve ever gone.

When I had a complete mental breakdown at mile 25 and was sobbing uncontrollably about why some idiot put a hill in the last few miles of the race, she just nodded and we trudged on.  I said the F-bomb more times than I ever have in front of my mother and she didn’t even flinch.  The last few miles of a marathon are a completely acceptable place to curse like a sailor.  Than again, I think almost any time is perfectly acceptable to curse like a sailor.



We finished that race, and then went on to do more together.  Almost every race I’ve run has been with my mom.  It feels weird when I run a race without her now.  The first race I ever did with her was the Bolder Boulder in 2007.  We all wore matching Spongebob Square Pants nighties and even made it onto the big television in the CU stadium.



We ran the Horsetooth Half marathon and survived the hills together.  My feet were on fire during this race and were quite painful, but my mom once again stayed with me.  I have a bad habit of hurting myself during long distance race training…  There was New Belgium beer at the end, an excellent motivator when running long distances.







Then there was that time where a freak shard of glass sliced my left Achille’s tendon.  My mom had a house rented and was driving out here before I knew it.  She waited through my surgery, took me home and fed me.  She woke up every four hours with me to feed me Vicoden and anti-nausea medicine.  It was a rough year last year for me, but I am lucky that my mom was there to take care of me.



I am not with my mom on her special day, but if I was, I’d be whipping up a huge feast, complete with sangria and her signature pomegranate cocktail.  I am so very lucky to have a mom who sets an incredible example for me, my sister and brother, who can run circles around me and is a fabulous cook.  See you in a few weeks, Mom!  I love you!  Happy Mother’s Day!



Tonight, I was making us artichokes and though how I’d like to dip my leaves in mayonnaise, one of the only ways I enjoy eating it.  Going to the store would have been pretty easy.  Grab a jar of Best Foods Mayo and be on my way, but I know how to make mayonnaise.  And I have all the ingredients.  It requires four ingredients: 1 egg yolk, 1 cup of oil, a pinch of salt and grind of pepper.  If you want to get fancy, you can start adding things like mustard, vinegars, herbs, hot sauce.  It’s not terribly difficult to make home made mayonnaise; it needs a bowl, a whisk and a strong arm.

I set my egg out to come up to room temperature, and starting cutting the ends off my artichokes, I felt a sense of peace wash over me like I haven’t felt in some time.  I dropped the artichokes into 2 inches of water to steam.  I set the shrimp out to defrost.  I measured out quinoa and water and put it on a low simmer to cook.  Our kitchen is tiny, has no counter space and is over all very inefficient, but it’s mine.  My kitchen.  Some find the kitchen to be a place of stress, a place of burdens.  I find a meditative quality cooking; a way for me to clear my thoughts and be creative.  And it’s been too long since I’ve spent some time in here.


The egg has come up to room temperature and I turn my attention to mayonnaise.  Dijon mustard, a splash of apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper are my choices for this mayonnaise.  I plop in the egg yolk into the bowl and whisk.  Now, the magic comes.  I drizzle a thin ribbon of grapeseed oil into the egg yolk and whisk.  Another drizzle and whisk again.  Soon, the mixture starts to thicken and rise up the sides of the bowl.  Creamy, tangy and ever so fatty, finished with a sharp zip of lemon juice at the end.  It probably would have taken me longer to go to the store and get mayonnaise than it did to make it at home.

I stare into the bowl and immense satisfaction over comes me.  A year and half ago, making home made mayonnaise would have scared me and it probably would have taken twice as long for me to make it.  Maybe it would have broken, and I would have given up and gone to the store to buy a jar.  It’s just mayonnaise, I know.  I am certainly not the only person that makes it at home.  But, making it nudged that part of me that longs to be creative.  The side of me that is just so pleased that I just whipped up a batch of mayonnaise to eat with my artichokes.

Time to get back in the kitchen.


Of Little Words

Cinnamon roll made with biscuit dough.

Cinnamon roll made with biscuit dough.

Perfect avocado.

Perfect avocado.

Sleepy Indie photo shoot.

Sleepy Indie photo shoot.

Flakey Salt and Salt Restaurant.

Flakey Salt and Salt Restaurant.

Oliver is obsessed with water.

Oliver is obsessed with water.

Sweet potato and goat cheese sandwich at Under The Sun Restaurant.

Sweet potato and goat cheese sandwich with kale chips at Under The Sun Restaurant.

Almond croissant.

Almond croissant.

Sumo orange.  The best orange.

Sumo orange. The best orange.

Pesto and grilled cheese.  For breakfast!

Pesto and grilled cheese. For breakfast!

Food and cats-the majority of my phone pictures.  That pesto and grilled cheese sandwich is probably my favorite picture on here.  It was delicious and Steve made it for me.  He knows the way to my heart!  Cheers!








Indie the Cat



This is Indigo Charlie Parker Rambutan Steube the Third.  Really, only my friend Eliza understands this name.  I’d suggest that you don’t think too hard about it.  I got Indie in 2009, right after I graduated college.

She has “four legs”, but one in the front is smaller and deformed.  She’s been called “T-rex kitty” and our vet calls her leg a “chicken wing.”  I think it’s kind of cute.

Indie has a short tail.  A third of it is missing.

Her other front leg is messed up too.  Her paw turns completely outward like a duck foot.  Probably to compensate from using only one leg.

Indie likes to sleep…all. day. long. And then be a crazy kitty and night and run around like she’s possessed.

Indie’s no spring chicken; she’s 11, which I was told was middle aged for a cat.  She acts like an old lady though.

Indie has a irritable bowel, meaning she throws up a lot and requires special food and medication.  In fact, Indie and I are taking the same medication right now!  We’re both on steroids!

Sunshine kitty

Sunshine kitty

She’s a weird cat, but she’s ours and I love her.  Indie has been sick this week, sleeping under our sofa and not coming out all day, not eating, which is highly out of character for her, and generally just looking listless and sad.  Not normal Indie.  Today, we finally got the results back of all of the vet’s tests and everything looks good.  Indie just needs to go back on her meds.  She’s finally eating today and back to growling and hissing at our new cat.

She’s a crazy cat and sometimes incredibly frustrating with her special needs, but this week I didn’t care how much money I spent or what I had to do, I just wanted her to feel better.  I know one day it will be Indie’s time and she’ll leave me, but not this week.  Not so soon.  She’s still got some miles in her yet.  I can’t imagine my life without that funny, little waif of a cat.  Give your pet a hug and feed them a treat!  They deserve it!


Non Traditional Thanksgiving Activities

I usually do a lot of the same activities when I’m home, but my bum foot prevents me from doing a lot of them this year.  That doesn’t mean I haven’t been having a great time though!  I couldn’t participate in the annual Thanksgiving run this year, so I went with my dad to the airport and saw his plane he’s building.  It’s almost finished!

Highlander plane

He needs 40 hours of solo time before he can take passengers, so next time I’m home I can ride in it.  I can’t imagine how satisfying it is to fly in a machine you built with your own hands.

I was too nervous to ride our horse bare back with my foot, but Ellen managed to leap up there and take the horse out for a spin.  I still got to pet our horse and brush her out.  We’ve had this horse since I was in 7th grade, so she’s been around for a while.  She’s not as spry as she once was, but she’s still the color of a shiny, new penny.

Trap shooting!

I am by no means a great shot, but I really like to shoot trap.  My dad and I went to the range this morning and shot a few rounds of trap.  I shot the over and under .410 shot gun, which was super fun, but not great for shooting trap.  I tried my dad’s other gun, but it had a little too much kick for me.  I definitely got out-shot by a 12 year old girl, but it was pretty fun to watch her shoot.

No running or hiking for me this year, but my Thanksgiving certainly isn’t suffering.  I’ve had so much fun so far and we’ll see what tomorrow brings!


Giving Thanks

Grandma’s apple plates

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of any holiday throughout the year.  It’s centered around food, my family and enjoying a rare moment where all five of us are together.  My favorite part of the day when I was little was dinner, when we all sat around the table and ate together.  Thanksgiving is one of the few times throughout the year where we get to do that these days.

Monitoring turkey temp

My parent’s have this really cool thermometer that can stay in the oven and it will alert you when it reaches the temperature you want.  I supervised turkey temperature, made biscuits, peeled apples and showed my mom how to finish the green beans in oil and butter.  My dad even gave me the special privilege of carving the turkey this year, but now I know why he gave it up so quickly.  We never let our turkey rest long enough, so it is molten hot when you’re carving it.  My finger tips were definitely burned multiple times in the process of carving the bird.  I managed to work my way through it in good form though.

Cream cheese biscuits

I didn’t take a lot of pictures of my food last night because I was too busy enjoying the company of my family.  I haven’t been home since last Christmas and to me there is no better feeling than being with them.  Don’t mind if I celebrate being home with a few beverages!

Mimosas and Dad’s apple.

Mom’s specialty, pomegranate pineapple martini.

This year I am thankful for my family, Steve and my friends that have stuck with me through quite a long and stressful year.  I’m thankful for my kitty, even if she jumps on my head and barfs too much.  I’m thankful to have to ability to walk.  There’s many things to be thankful for and I’d say I’m a pretty lucky gal.  I hope Thanksgiving was great for you too!